Wednesday, 10 April 2013



This painting was inspired by the word myth. I had a book when I was a child that had these spooky illustrations done in pen and ink. The book was about a monster in the closet so I guess that is what inspired this painting. The illustrations from the book where almost messy and scattered across the pages, I liked how it looked and decided to paint something similar with the word myth. 

myth m1

The medium I used was acrylic on canvas board.  I wanted to create a messy busy look. The use of darker color’s was an attempt to set a spooky mood. 




The word wings inspired this painting. I started by looking for interesting images with wings in them. Finding a few different pictures of pixies I decided that I would create a painting of a pixie with wings and flowing hair.


The medium I choose to use was acrylic paint on canvas board. I wanted to create a flow with the hair and wings of the pixie that was seen through out.   




This painting was inspired by the word yesterday.  The thoughts that come to mind when I think of this word are memories from the past.  I thought that I would try to demonstrate a scatter of memories that are streaming out of the figures mind.

y6 y5

Using acrylic on a smaller canvas board this time I created a figure of a aging man staring off at what maybe something that has triggered the thoughts of many yesterday.


I thought that it would be interesting to use cut outs of buildings and other objects to create the stream of memories. I collected some interesting scraps of paper and pasted them on the canvas board. I painted over them lightly trying no to take away form the details of the clippings.